4 Gun Pistol Rack – PR-4


Height: 5 1/4″, Width: 10 5/16″, Depth: 5 5/8″ **
This 4-gun pistol rack is perfect for organizing your handgun collection.

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Outside Dimensions: Height: 5 1/4″, Width: 10 5/16″, Depth: 5 5/8″ **
Weight: 1 lbs.


This four capacity pistol rack is able to sit on most gun safe shelves and is the perfect solution for organizing and/or displaying your handgun collection. Its sturdy wire constructed frame is covered in a black hydrophobic PVC coating that helps in preventing the collection of moisture. This pistol rack gently crandles your handguns in the upright postition which allows air to circulate around your handguns which then helps in the prevention of rust during long periods of storage. The minimum space requirements for this pistol rack is height 5 1/4″, width 10 5/16″, and depth 5 5/8″. (Please note that these measurements may vary (+/-) 1/2 inch and that handguns are not included.)**