“Hello, Just letting you know that I received my HD593024 gun safe on Deceber 17, 2013. It arrived in perfect condition and very fast it was shipped on December 13, 2013, only 4 days. I have to say that I am very happy with the safe it is very solid and the locking mechanism works very smoothly and feels like a quality product, the paint finish is also very nicely done. I would like to say that I had ordered and took delivery of a competitors safe and I had to send it back all of the features and quality they talked about were highly exaggerated, I was very disappointed. But this Steelwater gun safe is very well done I like the reinforced bolt down at each corner it is very solidly attached to my concrete floor, and the door frame has nice width to it so as to give it a very rigid side to side strength, the other safe from your competitor had no reinforcement at the two bolt down locations that were located in the middle of the safe, and the door frame was only about 2 inches wide and the whole front of their safe would move from side to side when pushed on lightly. Causing the door to move up and down in the door opening. Not to mention that cheap digital lock on their safes with two keys that you had to worry about losing. Steelwater gun safes are built much stronger and are about $500.00 less for the same size. So I am very pleased with every aspect of my safe as well as your customer service and the management, who provided me with good honest portrayal of your products, and good honest advice about the gun safe industry in general. I was not pressured into buying from you, I was given the facts and all my questions were answered. I was not given a bunch of canned answers and mumbo jumbo. So you have a happy customer and if I have a friend or meet someone looking for a high quality gun safe at an extremely fair price I will certainly send them your way. And if I need another one in the future I will not have to go through months of searching again, I will simply go to steelwatergunsafes.com and place my order. Thanks again for providing top quality gun safes at a very fair price.
Buckeye, AZ

“We’ve never wrote a customer review before, but after having bought one of your safes, we felt compelled to. First off, we ordered the 39 gun 2-hour safe on a Saturday night. It was in our shop by 11:00 a.m. the following Thursday. Considering the fact that we live in Washington state, we would have considered two weeks for delivery remarkable, but five days absolutely floored us! And the safe itself is just perfect. The photos of it on your website do not do it justice at all. Thank you, Steelwater, we will definitely be recommending your site to all of our friends and family who are in the market for a gun safe!
Deer Park, WA

“I bought a Steelwater gun safe Model LD593024-BLK on-line February 2013 after reviewing a number of various safe websites and watching many related YouTube videos. It arrived in perfect condition bolted to a metal shipping base and upon removing the cardboard box found it was covered in a bubble wrap “sock" that completely fit over the safe in addition to a large styrofoam sheet protecting the front of the door – overall, excellent shipping protection. All the extras I ordered were found inside the safe. The safes sides and door feel extremely solid compared to some I’ve tapped on at some “big box" stores that have a hollow sound to them. The black finish and graphics are very well done too. Before purchasing keep in mind that the LD model line is made of 12 gauge steel while the HD model which they use in their videos are made out of 9 gauge steel. If my LD safe feels ‘solid as a rock’ the HD models must be really impressive!
One big plus for the Steelwater company is that a human has always answered my phone calls within a few rings, WITH NO INSANE MENU involved. I’ve heard some other companies offer great service but callers can never get anyone to answer the phone or return their phone calls. Steelwater also offers a military/law enforcement discount off their posted prices. There are a number of well made safes for sale on the market but I believe Steelwater offers excellent products for their price points in addition to having excellent customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by this satisfied user."

Hot Springs Village, AR

“Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with every aspect of my purchase. I bought the 22 gun model. I recieved this product one week after buying it online. I wait longer for small packages from the cost from other companies. Your sales and customer support staff are fabulous. The delivery service was great as well, they called and set up the delivery and even had the driver call my cell phone 1/2 hour before arrival so that I did not have to wait for 2 hours. The safe seems top notch as well. The finish was well above what I expected. I have recomenned this safe to all of my friends.
Colona, IL

“"I received my 22 long gun safe today. This is truly an awesome product! What an Exceptional safe for the value! Arrived in perfect condition by very professional shippers. Your videos and informative staff is what sold me on this product! I wouldn’t be surprised if your gunsafes are literally flying out the warehouse doors. I’ve already told several of my friends about your amazing products! Thank you…and I mean THANK YOU!
O’sallon, IL

“"I received my gun safe today. It was packaged very well, came in perfect condition and was delivered precisely as scheduled. I had originally scheduled an earlier delivery, but had to reschedule due to a conflict on my part. This was no problem for the shipper and they handled the change with ease. The shipper was easy to work with and was very professional. The driver was very helpful and courteous. Your description of the safe on your website was extremely accurate. The quality is truly exceptional. I have already recommended your company to two of my friends.

“Thank you so much for your excellent communication leading up to my purchase. I appreciate your honesty and the extra effort you made to answer all of my questions quickly.

“I am looking forward to stocking my safe with my valuables knowing it will afford me years of protection. Thank you for everything."

Coon Rapids, MN

“"This safe is beautiful and we were able to get it into our office no problem! It’s perfect! Thank God for a few strong men! My husband loves the safe and is so glad we purchased it!

“Thanks again."

Dunedin, FL

“"I’d like you to know that I am very pumped the safe! It’s a solid, hefty safe, I’m pretty proud of it! When bolting it to the floor we used the steel braces from the shipping mount to bolt it to the ceiling in the basement. This baby is going nowhere!

“With the solid construction, nice finish, free shipping and you helping me out so much I can say I’m very satisfied with you guys.

Thank you again,
Moline, IL

“"I just purchased your 16 gun safe, the safe is finished well and looks to be a good safe. The shipping was fast and the safe was packaged well.

“Thank you!"

Turner, MT

“"That was super-fast customer service! Truly amazing! Thank you very much. If all your employees are like you, Steelwater must be an excellent company to be affiliated with.

“Make sure your supervisor receives a copy of this and again, Great Job!"

Zeeland, MI

“The safe came in great condition! The safe is all ready full and may need a larger one in a few years. The functions are smooth and open & close with ease. Looks awesome, great safe… I have been looking for one to hold all my guns the cost of similar safes is way out there in price. Your safe is a great buy for the money and I would buy another safe from you any time. Keep up the good work."

Eddystone, PA

“Just to let you know I received my safe yesterday, on time, and in perfect condition. R&L carrier was very courteous and helpful. Just to let you know I am very satisfied and love my new safe, I am sure it will give me years of quality service. Thanks."

Overland Park, Kansas

“I received my safe in just two days and it was outstanding! The freight line did a great job in contacting me to schedule a delivery. No damage and the driver for R&L Carriers was very nice. It is now set up and full of guns. Your company is 1st.Class. Again Great Job and thank you!!"

Panama City, FL

“Outstanding Job!!! I received my safe Thursday morning. The freight line did a great job in transport. No damage to the outer shipping box, and the safe finish was untouched. It is now set up and doin it’s job. The sales desk answered all my questions before I ordered.

“Again Great Job!!"

Carthage, TN

“Good morning,

“I just wanted to say thanks for the easy transaction of buying and receiving my new gun safe. The SW593026 is just as the pictures show and works great for what I need. The quality is very close to the Ft. Knox I have had for years and the price was much, much less. The shipping was fast and painless except for moving the safe off the pallet to the location in the garage to bolt it down. The safe is heavy, very well made and finished with great detail and looks. I will most certainly without hesitation refer my friends to you for a safe.

“Thanks again."

Alamogordo, NM

“I don’t usually take the time to write emails like these, but I received my Steelwater gun safe last week and can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am with it. I’m an Engineer and REALLY do my research before making a purchase. I compared all the major manufacturers with my predetermined criteria, and nobody came close to what your safes boast for the price. I took a chance and ordered your 39 gun safe.

“A couple of observations:

  • The gentleman who delivered the safe and removed the wrapping said he delivers hundreds of safes and that this one was better packaged than most
  • The gentlemen who moved my safe down to my basement said he’d never seen a safe in that price range with a door as sturdy and heavy as yours (and damn that is one heavy door!!)
  • I have to fight myself to keep from opening it daily just to look at how beautiful it is inside! I finally (no joke) took a picture so I could just look at that.

“My friend just purchased a safe as well from a retail outlet, he paid over twice what I did for about the same capacity and quality and although he’s happy with his, I can’t imagine being happier with mine. The quality, the attention to detail and the finish make me well up with pride every day when I walk down and look at it.

“Thank you again for providing me with such an amazing piece of work, I will treasure it forever and pass it down to my children."

Alamogordo, NM