Inspection Details



DO NOT SIGN THE DELIVERY RECEIPT UNTIL INSPECTING AS FOLLOWS: If there are no visible signs of damage to the box or item, you may sign the delivery receipt and let the delivery company leave.  Make sure to unbox the item and inspect it immediately even as the delivery driver is walking back to the truck.  If you find damage, contact us immediately. (We will put tape over any damage to the box prior to leaving our facility.) 


If the safe is lying down, covered in plastic shrink wrap, and/or you see visible signs of damage to the box or item, the driver is required to wait for you to unpackage the safe and inspect it for further damage. However, this must be done in a timely matter.  If you find some damage but you still want to keep the safe, make sure to notate the damage on the delivery receipt so that we can file a claim and offer compensation.  Take pictures of the damaged areas prior to unpackaging and after unpackaging. Contact us immediately to start the claim process.  If the compensation offered is not acceptable, you will still have the option to return the item for a full refund or replacement. (Compensation amount is usually offered within 24 hours.) If there is too much damage or the delivery driver refuses to let you inspect for further damage, then refuse the safe and we will ship you a replacement safe or refund your money in full upon return.  DO NOT ACCEPT THE ITEM WITH DAMAGE WITHOUT NOTATING THE DAMAGE ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT PRIOR TO SIGNING.

Note:Someone must be present at the delivery location at the time of the scheduled delivery. The recipients signature must be present on the drivers copy of the delivery receipt and any notes of damage must also be on the drivers copy of the delivery receipt.